5 ways to earn free points on the cotto app

If you have not yet download the Cotto app, we’re not quite sure what you’re waiting for. Over 1,000 of our beloved customers have already download the app on either iOS and Android and have earned over a hundred thousand points to date. So, before carrying on reading this article, please download our app here – don’t worry, we’ll wait for you 😉

As you may already know, every $1 you spend at Cotto equals 1 point that you earn. Every 10 points that you earn is worth roughly $1 at Cotto. But even with our super awesome loyalty points ratio, sometimes you need some extra points in order to redeem a reward. For example, you might want to redeem a free dessert, which is 80 points, but you’re stuck at 70…pretty frustrating!! If only you could somehow get more points… Well, we decided to put together a short guide explaining how to “beat our system” and get the extra points you need, for FREE!


  1. 20 Points Welcome Gift


The first thing you have to do when you download our app is head to the homepage and claim your 20 points welcome gift. You only get to do this once, so make sure you take advantage of it right off the bat! All you have to do is enter your username and your points will magically appear in your account balance within 12 hours. Note: Please make sure to enter a valid username, not an email address!


  1. 10 Points Paesano Club Email Gift


Head over to the menu and go to the “Paesano Club” page where you can sign up to our exclusive email club. Once you’re in, we’ll send you an instant email with a link to claim 10 points! There are other awesome perks associated with being on our list, so this is a no-brainer.


  1. 180 Points Birthday Gift

Yup, you read that right. Get 180 points (equivalent to a free pizza of your choice) on your birthday! Make sure you’re signed up to our main email list on our homepage.


  1. Post-Purchase Sharing

Okay so this one is a little bit low-key. Every time you get your points from your server at Cotto, there is a little screen that pops up (see photo) that allows you to “share” the fact that you just earned points at Cotto. Sharing via Facebook and Twitter each get you 5 points each, and attaching a photo will land you an additional 10 points! These points are added instantly 🙂


  1. Follow Cotto on Instagram!

While we’re active on Facebook and Twitter too, sometimes we drop some exclusive goodies for our Instagram followers. In fact, we usually have some engaging opportunities to win free points on a conssitent basis. Honestly, you could probably eat at Cotto for free once a month if you keep your eye on our Instagram feed. Follow us here.


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